Our goal is to open our own clinic on the island in May this year, to be able to do that we rely on donations. For people that do not have the income to donate money but do want to help there are other ways to contribute! Here are a few examples:

Social media is of a big influence these days. Spread the word about our non-profit organisation and simply add a link to your signature, twitter about us or share our facebook page!

If you have some clothes (or other things) that you don't use, you can sell them and donate a small part to our organisation. You can use givingworks on ebay to make this easier. 

No matter which way that you become involved with a nonprofit you support, the mere fact that you become involved will help. Being involved, you’ll automatically share your experiences to others through casual conversations and daily random meetings. This sharing can go a long way to gain more local support for the cause.

Our bank account to donate directly: NL98ABNA0545436974 for the attention of Stichting Animal Care Lipe


Or donate with PayPal: