The location wasn't chosen accidentally. Freya was born in Sweden but moved to Koh Lipe a couple of years ago. Here she opened a successful snorkeling trip company and tattoo-shop.
It was here on this island where Noortje and Freya met. When Noortje was helping out the animals more than enjoying her holiday they started talking about there vision. When they both agreed the animal problems on the island were relatively easy to solve the idea of Animal Care Lipe was born.

With the skills of Noortje as partnership manager, and the knowledge that Freya has regarding setting up a business on Koh Lipe, they are the founding mothers that will manage the foundation.

Freya Wahlberg - Co-Founder
"In daily live I'm an entrepreneur on the beautiful island Koh lipe. I work mostly with locals to create jobs on the island. Next to this I try to be a Super Mama for my beautiful child."

Noortje van Stipriaan - Co-Founder
"I live together with my boyfriend In Amsterdam. I fell in love with the island Koh Lipe 5 years ago. With the skills and knowledge I have from my daily life and my job as Partnership Manager, I want to make Koh Lipe the best island in the world, for both people and animals.'' 

Anne-Marie van Dijk - Treasurer
"Anne-Marie loves music and her cats Bach & Bellini (actually, she often understands animals better then people). 
Working as a Business Affairs manager she likes to take control and make sure all ends meet, therefore she is the treasurer of the foundation. "

Jan van Stipriaan - Secretary